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How to solve the problem of burr for hotel furniture customization

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Hotel furniture customization how to solve the burr problem:After the wood is watered, the water seeps in along the tiny gaps in the wood fiber tube and grain, making it expand and expand, protruding from the surface of the wood,
Hotel furniture customization how to solve the burr problem:

After the wood is watered, the water seeps in along the tiny gaps in the wood fiber tube and grain, making it expand and expand, protruding from the surface of the wood,

There is no recovery after drying. So after wood besmear waterborne paint can appear wood grain protrusion, rise grain, give birth to burr to wait for a phenomenon.

1. Seal the wood surface with wax free insect gel paint

This method is better than water wet method, besides can prevent besmear water borne paint to produce a grain, long burr outside, still can add lumber

Administrative levels feeling. However, due to the color of shellac itself, the wood is often given a light amber tint. The shellac varnish seal

The bottom is useful for old paint surfaces and wood surfaces that may have been contaminated with grease, mold release agents, and organosilicon compounds

Prevent waterborne paint to produce shrinkage cavity, fish-eye and other construction defects. If coating surface is found in the process, especially old

When the surface of the paint after the phenomenon of shrinkage cavity and fish-eye, should wipe off the water paint has been coated, after polishing with dewaxed insect rubber paint back cover

And then apply the waterborne paint. Insect glue paint is the alcohol solution of shellac, usable brush besmear or brush besmear construction method. Back cover after use

Sand over 400#, and then clean the surface with alcohol or wet cloth. This will increase the adhesion of the finish.

2. Wipe the coated surface with a wet cloth with extrudable water

Make the wood surface fully wet, after drying with fine sandpaper burr and particles formed. Then apply a primer

, dry with about 400# sandpaper gently polished. Apply two primers to the porous wood before polishing, this is the first

Primer should be diluted with 5% to 10% water before use.

Technical characteristics of spray room system

Waterborne paint spraying room construction environment has a great impact on the spraying quality, so the following conditions should be met:

(1) spray room brightness is bright and uniform;

(2) suitable temperature and humidity;

(3) no dust;

(4) good air supply system;

(5) good venturi slag removal system;

(6) complete fire protection equipment.

According to previous experience, to obtain good product quality, the following conditions should be met:

(1) illumination should be controlled at 750~1500lx;

(2) the best temperature is 22~26℃, and the best relative humidity is 55%~75%(65%).

(3) ash particle control requires that the value of 5 m is 1, and the value of 10 m is 0;

(4) the wind speed of manual section was 0.2~0.4m/s downward, and that of automatic section was 0.4~0.6m/s downward.

Other notes:

1. As the main component of water-based paint is water, the material used in the water-based paint circulation system must be stainless steel


2. Water has high conductivity, so the automatic spraying system used for spraying water-based paint and solvent based paint is also very good

Big difference. In order to prevent the leakage of high voltage static electricity to the main circulation pipeline, the water-based paint robot USES a plunger pump instead

Replace gear pump, spray paint circuit and the main circulation line disconnect, to prevent the occurrence of danger.

3. Indoor construction in winter should be carried out under the heating condition, and the room temperature should be kept balanced, not less than +10 degrees, and not allowed

Sudden change, should assign special person to be responsible for measuring the temperature of the door and window switch, to facilitate ventilation and remove moisture, summer construction should be in the coating

Add white water to the material to prevent dampness and whiteness. Water - based varnish construction to maintain ventilation. Prevent mildew in summer.

4. The general wood surface to be painted should be initially polished with 200# sandpaper and then polished with 600# sandpaper to make it smooth

Smooth. Joinery pieces can be sanded directly with 600# sandpaper. Fine sandpaper will make the grain close, reduce grain grain


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